Our Culture


To create a culture of wild praise and intimate worship..  A culture where  we seek to glorify God in every area (building, finances, events, etc.).  Personal pursuit and intimacy with Holy Spirit.  A culture where personal worship affects our corporate gatherings.

The Word

To create a culture where The Word of God is preached, taught, received and applied. We put emphasis on the Word being the center of our beliefs and values.


To create a culture of honoring people for who they are, not what they do. Not  competing, comparing or criticizing.


To crate a culture of being the hands and feet of Jesus.; taking the towel and become second. Our desire is to serve, not be served.


To create a culture of giving  and being generous with our finances toward Kingdom work in our church as well as to the nations.


To create a culture in which people who are a part of our body feel they belong to a family more than to a church.  We are stronger together and in community. Creating a culture of doing family well, both at home and in our body.


To create a culture where we actively engage people who desire to walk closer with Jesus and become more like Him. To teach His commands as well as how to live as sons and daughters of God.


To create a culture of excellence in all we do and say. If we're ever going to get "there" we have to get "here" right first.  It's not about being the best but about bringing the best.